Friday, June 18, 2010

God's Provisions

It is amazing how I can get really excited about something and then completely change my mind. For instance, in starting this blog I told myself that I would write at least once a week, but as you can see it hasn't happened. I've done this sort of thing several times in the last two weeks.

A couple of weeks ago I had this sinking fear that maybe I couldn't use my degree after graduation and that maybe I should stay in school to get my teacher's certificate. I proceeded to email all the people I knew who I either consider mentors or who have taken/finished the teacher's certificate. Everyone was so sweet in their responses giving me great advice and well wishes. I asked God for a sign! I needed a sign...anything. Writing in the clouds would be good...maybe one of my dogs could just bark it in code? I didn't care, I just needed a sign. The next day I just had a feeling in my heart that the teaching certificate was not something I was supposed to obtain. It reminds me that often when we want the obvious, right now, God gives us something simple.

Last weekend I was so excited about working VBS. I knew I was going to be with one year olds and I knew all of them (that's a plus working with that age) and I was ready to get started. By the third day getting up at 6:30 am wasn't fun and if I had to tell one more little kiddo to sit down while they ate their fish crackers and to stop taking toys from each other I was going to have to leave. I prayed for strength and for patience and though I wanted an considerable injection of the two, it came slowly, through the giggle of a little girl when I tickled her tummy. Or when she sat on my lap on the floor. Little moments like that throughout the week helped me get through another day.

The last two weeks I have been reminded that God's provisions don't always come when we want them, like we want them, but He always gives us what we need. I am shouting my praise that He is my provider! He always is and always will be.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Unfailing Love

Once again I am reminded that you can not count on people. It is easy to become hurt and angry when someone lets you down, but when I feel this way God gently reminds me that they are human and I must forgive them. Because of His forgiveness for all the times I have hurt Him I forgive those that hurt me.
The only upside of feeling this hurt, left by those who are supposed to be my friends, is that in my sadness I am reminded of God's love. He is faithful and His love never, ever fails! There is someone I can always count on and He holds me in His hand.

"May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant."
Psalm 119:76

No TV?!

The no watching tv portion of our challenge began Sunday. Today is our fourth day of no tv and I have finally begun to accept it. I've discovered something. I person can live without tv! What a new discovery!! Someone should write it down in a science book.
The first two days I felt myself going through withdrawl. I wasn't sure how to spend my time and by day two I longed to watch a movie. Since then I have read an entire book, finished a book, written letters, done laundry, got groceries for my mom, cooked dinner and washed dishes in a timely fashion, and won two games of Monopoly. It is amazing what you can get done when you aren't glued to the tube.
Though I can see the benefits of this week with out television, in the back of my mind I have made a list of movies I want to see and I'm counting down the days. However, I feel that once Sunday rolls around I will watch less tv and enjoy more quality time in a book or buying up Boardwalk, much to my sister's chagrin. :)