Sunday, July 25, 2010


All my life I've been taught not to be jealous of others, but I've never truly learned that lesson. Sometimes jealousy will sneek up on me. It will whisper in my ear and leave an aching feeling in my heart.

Throughout the Bible there are instances where jealousy took over...
  • "When Rachel saw that she was not bearing Jacob any children, she became jealous of her sister." Genesis 30:1
  • [Joseph's] brothers were jealous of him..." Genesis 37:11
  • "And from that time on Saul kept a jealous eye on David" 1 Samuel 18:9

When each person above allowed jealousy to infiltrate their heart and mind they committed acts that were displeasing to God. Rachel sent her maidservant to sleep with Jacob so that she might have a child through her, Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery, and Saul saught to end David's life.

Tonight, as I examine my own heart, I pray that God will save me from the poison called jealousy and I praise him for providing His word which has taught me what jealousy can do when I person allows it into their life.