About Me

I am 24 years old. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English. I love literature! I love reading it and writing about it and now teaching it! I teach 7th grade Reading. I just completed my first year of teaching and I am excited to return next year. My book list now includes Young Adult fiction and nonfiction and I often pick up a book that I think my students will like so that I can recommend it to them. It is amazing how much a student will trust you after you hand them a book they fall in love with.    

Although I now have a career that I feel God has called me to, I still wonder about God's plan for me. I know His plan and timing is perfect. As I wait for His timing, I spend my time with my family, pets, and of course books.
Each day I am reminded that God loves me with an unfailing love, because of this, I want to share His love with others by shouting my praise!